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  1. It has been heard that there is a ‘ prabanitham’ which will be sang at the pental costal day mass after the 2 nd reading. Malayalam translation available but nobody knows where the song is.

    Will you please upload in ?


  2. need a song from the album “the light” yeshuve prema swaroopa prabo (malayalam)

  3. I want to download this song ,that is enne nithyathayode aduppikkunna Ella anubhavangalkum … from the for the lost album

  4. i need one song from the album hosana the name of the song is Kannu Neer Thaazhvarayil Njan ettam, can you send me the link of both male and female voice

  5. Nee Enne Maranno Nadha-divotional song -Fr. John Painumkal Music: Jacob Koratty

  6. pls send me kurisintevazhi album

  7. i need vilapathin mattoli DVd,VCD if any please Send Your postal Address or Phone Number my Phone Number is 9961188705

  8. kanninu karpoora mari choriyunna kammaniya roopane

  9. Can i get malayalam christian mp3 songs .

  10. navil esothan namam

  11. Hi Admin.
    I request “Bhayamethumilente daivam ene paripalichu valarthum” Album by En Nathanai.

  12. how can I download songs from this free
    now i can heard only the song

    • Click on the song and the files will be prompted for download. If the song is played on browser then you can right click on the link and use “save the link as” option

  13. pls add the song karthavin malakha mamariyathodu mangala vartha cholli….

  14. I want this song;
    “Prarthana doorathil kathirikum nadhan…”

  15. Nin naamam njangal vaazhthunnu daivame

  16. Living God Album- Nithyanaya Daivame….

  17. baliyayi tirumunpil nalkaam , orikkal yeshu naadhan

  18. i want thirunama keerthanam song

  19. paithalam yesuve

  20. Pls upload SHYAMAMBARATHILE BY Tharangani audios

  21. D. Reguvar Bosco

    pirannu pirannu unni yesu balagan pirannu

  22. jerin kodiyan johny

    Good collections.
    Pls add sehion’s songs.(retreat centre attapady)

  23. help me download song karuna thonnane daivame karam pidichu nadathane

  24. Pls add Innayollamenne nadathi

  25. good collections I have a request that would you place add the Albam Niravu by Fr.Shinto Edashari CST

    • We do not have access rights for the album Niravu, But we will contact Fr.Shinto and let you know if He can provide it for free download. Also I have moved your request to the Devotional song request section of the site. Thank You.

  26. I would like to down load the song :ee yaaga vedhiyilenne sampoornmaayi nalkeedunnu

  27. I would like to down load the song : ” Emmanuel Emmanuel daivam nammodukoode”


  28. thrikaykaaali puja padagali song written by father michale

  29. christian devotional mp3 -“esoyae ninnae kanan aayi crooshinte maril chayunnu…aswasam ninnil ……”

  30. please provide the jesus album full songs.

  31. Benedict Cleetus

    At the outset, many thanks for all the songs that has been uploaded here. Many of them were in my search list for long time.
    Pls.would you upload the song ‘Nin naamam njangal pukazthunnu Daivame, nin munpil kaaikooppi kumbidunnu’.
    Would you be updating with more songs here?
    Thanks | Benedict

  32. ple provide the old song:
    “kanninnu karpoora mari choriyunna kamaneeya roopane… karalil peeyoosha dhara choriyunna yesu mahesane…”

  33. i want atheyil vachanam undaye

  34. pls can I get the song “nadha ninne kanan…”&”israyelin nadhanayi….”

  35. please can i get this song “yeshu nallavan avan vallabhan ……….

  36. Kindly mail me the Lyrics of Malayalam Christian Devotional Song starting with ” KARTHAVU THAN GAMBIRA NAADATHODUM, PRADHANA DOOTHAN……………”

  37. Please help me to down load Thirunamakeerthanam paduvan allenkil’ and ‘Rajakkanmarude Rajave’

  38. I would like to have 2 old songs;
    a.) Swargathil vazhum nyangal thann natha nin naanam poojitha….
    b.) Swasthy swarlokha rani malakhamarude raaani….

  39. Pls could you add the song “Kurishinale lokamonnayi veendeduthavane”?

  40. please can i get this song “Naada aathmavine thanneedane “


  42. Hi i would like to have “Novum Manasil Sowkyamekan varumo ne” qurbana song

  43. Plz add high quality songs to the album “Chirakumayi Oru Malakha”.
    Really beautiful songs…

    • @Jenit Kunnath: Due to server limitations we cannot have high quality downlads. If any one can donate a good server with unlimited badwidth , we would be glad to have one. We do not post the songs to shared sites for downloads, its a bad user experiance to follow the link and wait for the download. All of our links are direct downloads. So we have optimized the tracks to be internet friendly 64 to 90 kpbs VBR format where most songs fall under 3 MB.

  44. Can someone please upload the song “Ambike naadhe kanyake..”

  45. Hi request you to get this song, Ennamerum Papathal Bharamerum Jeevitham (karuna thonnane ennil karuna thonnane) Thanks.

  46. i would like to download thirunamakeerthanam songs

  47. Please add the following semi classical songs: 1. daivathin valsala sodarare 2. Yesuve … premaswaroopa prabho

  48. christian devotional song – papa bhodhavum pazhchathapavum karthavee

  49. Christian devotional mp3 song – othiri othiri snehichorellam

  50. i love to hear a song which commences like enne karuthunna vidangal orrthal naniyal ullam nirangidunne……help me in finding tat song pls

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