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You can make a Song request  by commenting on this page. We will try our best to get the songs for you. So why waiting , start requesting your songs.

Also you can give us song / site suggestions we will be glad to improve our free Christian devotional songs service

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147 thoughts on “Request A Christian Devotional Song

  1. thankyou for this wonderful site.I was looking for a song called Japamala kaikalenthi for more than 15 years,and I found it on your site.I was very happy.

    I am also looking for these songs:
    1.Daivathin kunjaditha lokathin raksahyitha ninavum shareeravum …
    2.sweekarichalum nadha sweekarichalum ee eliyavar than kazchakal nee baliyanachalum
    3.njanum enikkullathellam ninte daanangal allo mahesha
    4.eesho enne sparshichu
    5.innolam ennennum veenalum kanneeroppi
    6.swasthi swarloka ranimalagamaarude raanji
    do you also have karaokes fo the songs on your site?
    thankyou God bless you.

  2. ജീവിതം അങ്ങേ തൃപ്പാദത്തിൽ എകിടുവാൻ വന്നിടുന്നു.
    എന്നെയും എന്തെ സർവസവും എകിടുവാനായ് വന്നിടുന്നു