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  1. George Johnson

    Pls upload fast

  2. Hello,
    My name is Jude Peter. Unfortunately I know only two words of this song and I would like to request you to send me the title of this song. The words are “Ottakkirunnu karanjappol”. I hope you could help me on this. Thank you.

  3. Please include the song “nin naman njangal pukazthunnu daivame” by Job master also

  4. please post the full version of the oppice – karthave ennil nee karunyam

  5. like to have the full version of the latin rite oppice – karthave ennil nee karunyam

  6. Song”kanninnu karpoora dhaara choriyunna kamaneeya roopame…karakul peeyusha maari choriyunna yeshu maheshane…swthuthi ninakku swthothram ninakk.u aaradhanayum finally”. Requested.

  7. 1 want a Song -kaikalil ethiri pookalumai

  8. കണ്ണിനു കര്‍പ്പൂര ധാര ചൊരിയുന്ന കമനീയ രൂപനേ
    കരളില്‍ പീയുഷ മാരി ചൊരിയുന്ന യേശുമഹേശനെ
    സ്തുതി നിനക്ക് , സ്തോത്രം നിനക്ക് , ആരാധനയും നിനക്ക്

    എന്ന പഴയ ഗാനം ലഭ്യമാക്കൂ.Please

  9. pls get me the malayalam devotional song…”sweekarichalum naadha eliyavar than kaazchakal ni baliyanachaalum…”

  10. Pls anyone upload “shanti eguvan jeeva jalavumayi”

  11. Elizabeth Antony

    thankyou for this wonderful site.I was looking for a song called Japamala kaikalenthi for more than 15 years,and I found it on your site.I was very happy.

    I am also looking for these songs:
    1.Daivathin kunjaditha lokathin raksahyitha ninavum shareeravum …
    2.sweekarichalum nadha sweekarichalum ee eliyavar than kazchakal nee baliyanachalum
    3.njanum enikkullathellam ninte daanangal allo mahesha
    4.eesho enne sparshichu
    5.innolam ennennum veenalum kanneeroppi
    6.swasthi swarloka ranimalagamaarude raanji
    do you also have karaokes fo the songs on your site?
    thankyou God bless you.

  12. could i have the song Sneha sagara theerathu- st alphonsa song

  13. ജീവിതം അങ്ങേ തൃപ്പാദത്തിൽ എകിടുവാൻ വന്നിടുന്നു.
    എന്നെയും എന്തെ സർവസവും എകിടുവാനായ് വന്നിടുന്നു

  14. Trippada vandhanam santhi sudha Christian old devotional song

  15. Amrutha sheethala sheelukalal..
    Christian devotional song

  16. I am looking for more holy communion songs in malayalam
    Thank you
    Joy Francis

  17. jeevitham thripadathil kaazhchayay vachitha this song plz sent me
    my id:

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